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About Us

     Zoomlaw Attorneys-At-Law is a Taiwan based full-service law firm . It was established in 2006 by a group of lawyers specializing in intellectual property rights , in addition to having a strong focus on cross-strait trade, international trade, environment protection and litigation.


     Zoomlaw follows a unique managerial philosophy that distinguishes it from other law firms in Taiwan. We strive to hire experts who specialize in our key practice areas in order to provide our clients with exemplary legal guidance. Furthermore, since Zoomlaw assists clients from different cultures and legal systems, we custom-tailor our services to account for the size of client’s company, the unique legal environment in which it operates and its specific needs, in order to provide effective and efficient legal assistance. Finally, we have devised our own legal risk control assessment service in order to inform our clients of possible legal issues that their business may encounter and thus minimize future legal disputes.


     In order to implement our managerial philosophy, Zoomlaw have established a global network of contacts with numerous intellectual property and investment law firms throughout Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran. Thus, we are ideally positioned to offer legal protection to our local and international clients.


     Our lawyers have attended the best law schools and are prepared to offer their expertise in civil and criminal litigation, cross-strait trade, international trade, international investment, cross-border employment issues, cross-border IPR dispute resolution, corporate investment, banking, taxation, and environment protection. Furthermore, our attorneys are members of various international professional legal associations and are continuously offered opportunities to strengthen their legal profession through formal and informal training to provide the most suitable, efficient and cost-effective legal service.