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Kuo-Hua Fan Attorney-at-Law and General Counsel
Kuo-Hua Fang Attorney-at-law / General Counsel

China University of Political Science and Law, CCE Law School (LL.D. candidate)
National Taiwan University, College of Law Division of Economic and Financial Law, LL.B.

Professional Experience:
Chief Legal Officer and Director at the Legal & IP Affairs Department, Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd. (Taipei)
General Manager, Zonelaw International IP Consulting Co., Ltd. (Taipei)
Attorney, Tian-Shiah Attorneys-at-Law (Hsinchu)
Partner Attorney, Zoomlaw Attorneys-at-Law (New Taipei City)
Patent Attorney, Zoomlaw Attorneys-at-Law (Hsinchu)
Government expense assistant, The Legislative Yuan of Republic of China (Taipei)
Judge Assistant, Taiwan Hsinchu District Court
Independent auditor, iBMi Technology Inc. (Taipei)
Special assistant to the board chairman, Hon Ji Technology Co., Ltd. (Hsinchu)
Senior specialist at the office of the general manager, China Glaze Group (Hsinchu)

Areas of Specialization:
General legal affairs and risk management for business group related to international trading, recruitment, investment, intellectual property and operation
Strategy planning and implementation for cross nation negotiation, mediation and litigation of cases related to intellectual property, business investment and tax affairs
Strategy planning and implementation for negotiations between Taiwan and China involving: mediation and litigation of cases of intellectual property, business investment, and tax affairs
Design, management and maintenance of worldwide legal affairs and intellectual property for various business groups
Consulting on legal affairs between Taiwan and China, including general legal affairs, patent, trademarks and management systems.

Qualifications and Certificates:
Attorney, Patent Attorney, Trademark Attorney of R.O.C.
TIPA Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy assigned teaching qualification- Patent Litigation Practice Class: Resolution of patent dispute in Mainland China. (Taipei)
ISO Documentation Associate Certification (Taiwan)
European Patent Office: Intellectual Property Program (Frankfort)
BSKB (Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch LLP) Program for US Patent Application and litigation practice, US trademark practice.

Operating practices of Intellectual Property Protection for Taiwanese Enterprises in China
Economic Analysis of Jurisprudence – A research of Jurisprudence Methods
European New Environment Protection Act – Introductions of WEEE and ROHS
Various reference books for national junior and senior examinations: General Provision of Criminal Law (1992), Essentials of Criminal Law (1993 & 1995), Essentials of International Commerce (1993), Court Organization Act (1993), Introduction to Jurisprudence (1994), Essentials of Constitution (1996)

Memberships and Professional Associations:
Member, Taipei/TaoYuan/HsinChu/KuoHsiung Bar Association
Member, International Bar Association (IBA) (London)
Member, The Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) (Tokyo)
Member, American Bar Association (ABA) (NY)
Member, Asia Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)
Member, International Trademark Association (INTA) (London)
Member, China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) (Beijing)
Member, Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) (NY)
Founder, Taiwan Corporate Governance Association (TCGA) (Taipei)

Taiwanese, Chinese and English