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Enterprise and Legal Matters

Design of the proper regulatory regime is essential for a newly established company. The infrastructure of legal regulations must be flexible, rather than built merely for the enforcement of internal and external regulations. It is essential for the legal system of the company to be responsive to the changes in the external legal regime in order to make timely decisions needed for the enterprise to develop and function efficiently.

The demand for legal experts is increasing due to the need for functional legal departments. The in-house legal team must possess the following skills:

1) Management of litigation (contract drafting, appearing in court, responding to forcible execution and intercession of various disputes within an enterprise or between different trade partners)
2) Management of non-litigation matters (understanding of the regulations in which the company is located and conducting proper legal risk assessment, analyzing and reviewing contracts in Chinese and English)
3) Experience with labor matters (possessing familiarity with labor legislation and experience in the resolution of labor disputes)
4) Knowledge of intellectual property (application, maintenance and protection of domestic and foreign patient, trademark and copyrights)

Zoomlaw is ready to share our cross-national legal experiences with our clients and help them to develop their in-house legal departments. We have developed a sophisticated legal risk assessment system which will help companies to identify challenges and opportunities of the legal environment in which they operate.

In addition to possessing solid legal training, some of our attorneys hold managerial positions and have been trained in various business schools. Our interdisciplinary approach will help us to resolve the legal problems faced by an enterprise. We will work closely with the company’s legal department to generate solutions which best serve the company’s short and long term interests.
We strongly believe that our legal consulting department is one of the best in the country. Our experience and training in the area makes us your ideal partner in establishing an effective legal department within your enterprise.