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Foreign Litigation

Foreign litigation refers to the cases under the jurisdiction of Taiwan concerning foreign affairs. Whether a foreign litigation connects with another country’s substantive laws depends on which state’s substantive laws are most relevant to the issue under dispute. This investigation is called “Connecting Factors” and is used to establish the applicability of proper laws.

Identifying the most appropriate regulations is crucial for a company operating in an international environment. Our firm has been in close partnership with international law firms in developed and developing countries throughout Asia, Europe, America and Africa, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, US, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. Overtime, we have established a comprehensive database of rules and regulations relevant to our areas of practice.

It is essential for a client to perform a legal assessment based on local regulations at the earliest convenience in order to maximize the chances of succeeding during litigation. Our law firm provides a comprehensive package to assist clients in organizing their legal defense strategy based on our expertise and the global network of legal partners.