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Licensing negotiation

Obtaining necessary licenses is likely to bring multiple benefits and may help parties to avoid infringement disputes, which are costly to all parties involved in the dispute. Thus, while inventing a product, companies can apply for patent license based on commercial needs or business conditions. The filing may also begin when products enters the market or is receiving notification from the rights holder.

In order to gain the necessary patent license after paying all relevant licensing fees and preventing patent disputes from becoming obstacles to the sale of product in question, it is important to negotiate with the rights holders. Negotiation over patent license is a long and complicated process. Preparation beforehand includes the search of the patent portfolio, mapping the product and the patent, technique analysis and possible patent circumvention designs. While in the negotiations, the tasks is to design negotiation plan based on the analysis of the developments in the industry, current status of company and the right holder’s strategies. All of these are highly delicate and technical tasks that require expert attention in order for the transaction to succeed.

Our team of technology specialists and legal experts is prepared to help companies to establish proper strategies for the negotiations, offer professional advice and the technical analysis. We may also act as direct representatives and discuss terms of the licensing process. This helps companies to objectively analyze patent portfolio provided by the rights holders or the licensing company.

If parties fail to achieve agreement through the negotiations, we can also assist companies to develop alternative insurance strategies and assist in patent circumvention or change of business operation models in order to avert interferences and influences of the other party.