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Transaction of Domain Names

Trademark rights and domain names play a very important role in marketing. There are two kinds of transactions involving trademark rights: assignments and licensing.

Assignment involves transfer of the rights, which means the trademark rights holder disposes of his/her rights to a trademark and passes them on to the assignee.

Licensing refers to a contract agreement between the rights holder and the licensee to allow the licensee gain the trademark rights for a limited period of time, subject to additional rules agreed upon by the parties.

With regards to domain names, according to the Article 28 of the Rules of Domain Name Registration Management Services, the register has the right to apply for the transfer, cancelation and alteration of the domain name, unless otherwise provided by Regulations for the Handling of Domain Name Dispute.

Trademark rights and domain name transaction are vital for enterprises to manage intellectual property and their branding. Zoomlaw attorneys are ready to assist our clients by utilizing the legal protection, in addition to conducting the industry analysis and employing effective business strategies to maximize the value of the intellectual property belonging to our clients.