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Maintenance of patent rights

Maintenance of patent rights can be divided into the payment of patent annuity and filing of a revocation.

1) Payment of Patent Annuity
We have developed a professional case management system, operated by experienced staff to monitor the status of the patent and keep the clients updated on their intellectual property. Payment of the annual fee is only one aspect of the case management system. Our case management system is designed to alert the client on any changes or developments in regards to their IP.

2) Filing of a Revocation

Although the inventor possesses the rights to a patent, the petitioner may use office actions as a reason to file for a revocation due to the conviction that the invention should not be protected. Some of the considerations involved in filing an office action include: the definition of invention, unpatentable subject matter, sufficiently enclosed specification, industrial application, novelty, inventive steps, first-to-file principle, presence of fictitious novelty, supplements and amendments, etc.

Our firm provides professional case management. From filing invalidation action and responses to an office action, we have years of experience in protect the intellectual property of our clients.