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Cross-strait Litigation

Economic exchanges between the Mainland China and Taiwan continue to grow. Currently, China is Taiwan’s largest trading partners and it is predicted that economic integration between the two sides will continue to flourish. This rapid economic growth provides businesses with ample opportunities to conduct trade between the two sides. However, with increased economic exchanges, legal disputes are to be anticipated.

In 2008, the Supreme People’s Court of Mainland China passed the latest regulations concerning the litigation between Taiwan and China. According to the law, Supreme People’s Court may deliver the document of civil litigation via the following methods:

1. Direct delivery if the person served resides in Mainland China
2. Deliver the document to the legal representative, in case one is appointed
3. Deliver the document to the designated representative, in case one is appointed
4. Deliver the document to representative organization, branch organization, service agent in Mainland China, in case one is appointed
5. Deliver the document via mail, if the address of the person served in Taiwan is provided
6. Deliver the document via E-mail or fax, if the E-mail address or fax number of the person served is provided
7. Deliver via other methods that are recognized by both Taiwan and Mainland China. 8. If none of the above methods of notification are available or the person to be served upon is unaccounted-for, a public announcement may be made in lieu of the personal notification.

Our law firm is an ideal partner to assist clients engaged in cross-strait business exchanges and litigation. Our firm has several attorneys who passed the qualifying Judicial Examinations of Mainland China. In addition to the assistance of our Chinese attorneys, we have devoted significant resources to researching regulations of mainland China and have developed a strong understanding of the legal system of the PRC.