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International Business

International business refers to the exchange of commodities and services across national boundaries. Globalization, in its essence, is about international business. Along with the rapid development of industrialization and global infrastructure, multinational corporations have fundamentally transformed politics, economics and cultures of the world.

Multinational corporations have the control of global integrated resources and can distribute them more effectively than domestic companies. However, international business is more complex than the domestic trading and involves a myriad of legal rules and local regulations. For example, corporations must pay attention to letter of credit, contract, import and export licensing, examination of goods, notarization, clearance of shipments, insurance, trade related documents, settlement of exchanges, claims and cross-border dispute resolution.

To alleviate the legal challenges involved in doing business abroad, Incoterms have been used by multinational corporations as the base of complex importing/ exporting contracts and are integrated it into agreements to coordinate other legal issues. Incoterms have simplified the international trading process and allowed companies worldwide to reach consensus under a common trading framework.

Since enterprises must compete for limited resources, it is necessary for these businesses to establish forward-looking legal departments and to collaborate with various international trade law firms. Our attorneys have cross-national legal experiences and frequently attend international conferences. We maintain partnerships with many internationally known law offices and have strong knowledge of international business regulations.