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Trademark and Domain Name Application

Application for a trademark and domain name is a protection for companies expanding their business, developing reputation and conducting marketing campaigns. The best way to design a brand plan is to pre-plan the regions for global marketing with the application for trademark and domain name. Our trademark services are done in collaboration with company’s regional branding plans to achieve full protection in all of the territories. Our clients include domestically listed companies, enterprises located in Mainland China and some of the world’s well known corporations.

The following documents are generally required for trademark application:

In accordance with the regulations of the Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Office, application for trademark registration requires:
1. Application form (including the name and address of applicant, the proposed trademark, and the goods designated for application of the trademark)
2. Trademark representations
3. Payment of the official fees
4. In case a trademark agent is appointed, the Power of Attorney.

Other countries/regions:
Requirements are vary across the globe, but most states similarly request:

1 .The name and address of the applicant
2 .the proposed trademark, and the goods designated for the application of the trademark
3. Trademark representations
4.Power of Attorney (Notarization is required in some countries)