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Maintenance of Trademark and Domain Names
The maintenance of trademark rights can be divided into the payment of annual fees, filing of oppositions, invalidation and office actions. The maintenance of domain name entails payment of the annual fee. We are ready to assist our clients with the following:

1) Payment of Annual Fees:

According to international conventions, the term of trademark rights is usually ten years. To assist our clients throughout the duration of their protection, our firm has designed a professional trademark management system. We have experienced staff responsible for the process control and case management. Clients will be notified on the progress of the case and will be kept updated on their file.

Payment of the annual fee is only one aspect of the process control. Our firm is devoted to monitoring all aspects of the trademark protection to provide our clients with full overview of their portfolios.

With regards to maintenance of domain names, payment of the annual fee should done accordingly to the Regulation of Collecting the Administration Fees, promulgated by Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC).

2) Filing Opposition, Invalidation and Motion Against Office Action
Although the applicant owns the rights to his/her trademark, objectors or invalidators may file remedy procedures. Our firm is prepared to offer our clients the protection needed to defend their trademark rights. For example, we are prepared to assist our clients to protect their trademarks and domain names by strategically filing opposition, invalidation and motions against office action.