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Urban Renewal

Due to increasing population and rapid urbanization, Taiwan’s cities grew at a spectacular pace. Unfortunately, land suitable for construction is limited in Taiwan, which results in disputes over urban development.

In order to improve the urban environment and its function, construct environmentally sustainable buildings, create more public spaces dedicated to promotion of culture and leisure and to facilitate private investment, the Construction and Planning Agency under the Ministry of the Interior (CPAMI) promulgated the Urban Renewal Ordinance. Its purpose is to promote urban redevelopment and revival of old neighborhoods that are unsuitable for the modern lifestyle.

According to the Article 1 of the Urban Renewal Act, the purpose of renewal is to promote a well-planned urban land redevelopment, revitalize urban spaces, improve urban living environment and to increase public interest in neighborhoods. Article 4 indicates that urban renewal is divided into reconstruction, renovation and maintenance.

Reconstruction refers to the resettlement of tenants living in the area designated for urban renewal, followed by the demolishment of older buildings, improvement of public facilities within the area and rezoning of the property to manage its usage density.

Renovation refers to remodeling and renovation of the buildings or the improvement of facilities within the area designated for renewal.

Maintenance refers to the strengthening of management within the area designated for renewal, improvement of the public facilities within the area and the maintenance there of in good condition.

Our firm is able to provide legal consulting services related to the matters of urban renewal. Furthermore, we may also collaborate with land agent office during the process.